We work and select the best suppliers in each sector. All of them are authorized by their different communities through the corresponding counseling for the transport of food to public and private centers.

The Paked Lunch is prepared daily in kitchens located in the province of delivery and the raw materials are of the highest quality, guaranteeing the perfect state of preservation, health and hygiene.

Our suppliers have or have access to a laboratory that deals with performing technical-sanitary inspections and periodic analyzes to avoid any food risk and applying the HACCP standard. (The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points –APPCC or HACCP, for its acronym in English- is a systematic preventive process to guarantee food safety, in a logical and objective way.)

Several of our suppliers have the UNE EN ISO 9001 certificate and are registered in the sanitary registry for manufacturing, processing and processing of “meals prepared for communities”

And as always, our motto above all: ENJOY WITH WHAT WE DO.